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- Birthday Cards. Each month on third Sundays, we honor congregants' birthdays for that month. We'd love to commemorate your special day by sending you a card, so be sure we have the month and day. (Keep the year a secret! ) See Marti Franco or Juanita Hoover.

Spotlight on our Congregants
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Barbara Barter has been an active member of UNV for over 27 years. In fact, Barbara and Juanita Hoover were among the charter members, when our spiritual community began. Barbara sang in the “Winged Choraliers” - a vocal group that performed at the very first service when UNV was located on Coombs Street.

Barbara is a weekly volunteer, who works with Kathleen Sutherland, Juanita or Jo Ann Wade to count the Sunday offering and occasionally makes bank deposits. She has faithfully performed this function for nigh on two decades!

While this financial activity is behind-the-scenes, she currently is one of our fifth Sunday Usher/Greeters - welcoming worshippers to UNV and introducing guests to other congregants after the Sunday service during the Refreshment/Social time.

Barbara, at 83 years young (this September), enjoys walking, swimming & bird watching, and has a love of cats. Barbara also has a great love of Shakespeare’s works and has trekked many times to the Oregon Shakespeare Festival in Ashland. She also has a dynamite recipe for goat cheese and spinach strata. Barbara has a great sense of humor and always has a cheerful hello!  We love you Barbara.


We are a Giving Spiritual Community

Each month in 2017 we tithe a percentage of our income to: 
- Silent Unity (the 24/7 world wide prayer ministry). 
- West Central Region (our local association of Unity churches). 
- Unity Worldwide Ministries (formerly Association of Unity Churches). We are a constituent member of UWM. 
- Fund our search efforts for a new Spiritual Leader
- And we tithe 10% to our own spiritual community.
Prayer Chaplains
                      Marsha Maxcy                   Judy Zacharias  
Our Trained Unity Prayer Chaplains are dedicated to upholding our spiritual community in prayer. They wear white stoles and are available before and after the service to pray with you. Everything said to a prayer chaplain is held in strictest confidence. Click on the following hypertext link to the Prayer Chaplains web page for more information.
Questions for a Board of Trustees member?

Each Sunday all of the Board of Trustees members are available for any questions, suggestions or comments you may have on the operations of our spiritual community.

Volunteering at Unity Spiritual Center in Napa Valley

Volunteering is a way to support our spiritual community and a way to have fun serving with others. Please see John Gallaway for ways you can serve. Click on this web page link to view our Volunteer Calendar page..  

Listen to audio replay of recent Sunday Messages
You can listen to an audio replay of recent Sunday Messages, by clicking this web page link. Tell a friend about this feature of our web site. 

Floral Arrangements for our Sanctuary

If you'd like to commemorate someone or something in your life by bringing flowers on a Sunday, or if you just want to add beauty to the light and love we all experience on Sunday mornings, then follow your heart and share the dedication with John Gallaway by emailing him at  nortejng@wildblue.net during the week preceding your bringing flowers.  


New Items Needed for Treasure Table

Now accepting new and gently used items. Special thanks to our dedicated Unity congregation for their participation.

Erika Angelheart was born on the Buda side of beautiful Budapest where mountains grace the landscape. She is an established photographer and likes to travel the world. Coming from a Catholic background she highly values the true spiritual inspiration she has found at Unity Napa Valley. She enjoys studying world religions and has also starred in three Unity plays (so far). Throughout the years she has taken on a leadership role with our “Treasure Table” program. Special thanks for all who have taken time and considerable effort to make this special tradition a huge success.  

Erika also loves taking photos to capture special moments for our Church. Upon request she will happily take a camera or cell phone to take amazing pictures for you. She works at Groth Vineyards and Winery in Direct Consumer Sales. She is connected and well informed about our Napa Valley wine industry and is always happy to make recommendations for the best wineries to visit in our beautiful Valley. Thank you Erika for all you do and for your dedication to our Spiritual Community.
Tom Lopez   We know Tom for his willingness to do just about everything around  UNV, from organizing our yearly Garage Sale and our Annual Men’s Warm Coat Drive, to playing bongos in our Joy Band, to working with volunteers, and of course the delicious coffee he makes. What most of us don’t know much about is his distinguished career.  

First things first. Tom was born in Guayama, Puerto Rico, and raised on the west side of Manhattan in New York City.  When he was 13, the family returned to P.R. to continue Tom’s education and where his father opened a chiropractic clinic.

Tom enrolled in the University of Puerto Rico for a semester, then when to the Dominican Republic and enrolled in the medical school at the University of Saint Thomas of Aquino for what was called the first year professional. After a successful semester he realized that medical school wasn’t for him.

Shortly after returning to P.R., Tom joined the U.S. Army.  He was stationed in Ft. Dix, N.J., Ft. Knox, Kentucky, and Ft. Benning, Georgia. As a sergeant he was in charge of the Mental Testing Section in an AFEES (Armed Forces Entrance and Examining Station), in Connecticut. He also went to Ft. Huachuca, Arizona, to complete the Intelligence Analyst Course.

In 1969 he was sent to Viet-Nam where he earned The Bronze Star, The Army Commendation, and The Army Achievement medals. He was later transferred to Ft. Shafter, Hawaii, where he worked for the 25th Infantry Division, and where he continued his college courses with a major in Police Science. He also learned welding, automotive, plumbing and electrical skills.

Tom left the military after thirteen years of active duty and immediately joined the U.S. Army Reserves to continue military service. He was First Sergeant for the 114th Military Detachment overseeing more than 65 personnel with their military, civilian, and educational needs. After 25 and a half years of faithful service to his country, Tom retired with full benefits.

Tom says that his nearly 30 years in Unity has been a wonderful experience, especially these past few years here at UNV. Tom, we appreciate you being with us and we are grateful for everything you do.
-  Margret Smetana Pittivino   Margret's parents were both WWII veterans stationed in North Africa and Europe who met in Washington D.C. after the war, then left their home towns on the east coast in '47 to start a new family. They settled in San Francisco, where Margret was born. They later moved across the bay to the Belvedere -Tiburon peninsula. She spent her first 18 years surrounded by water and rolling hills (good for walking on and for sliding down on cardboard) with Mount Tamalpais’ peaks in her sights. Railroad tracks led all the way to the 100 year old loading docks across from Angel Island and where dairy cows stood at the bus stop. A wonderful place to grow up.

While working on a liberal arts degree in English at the University of San Francisco, she lived away from home and regularly adventured to pursue a curiosity about life beyond the familiar including a solo hitch-hiking trip to Canada, the east coast and back. After three years in the Graduate School of Medicine at UCSF, she finished with a masters degree in Biomedical Communications, drawn to this field for its blend of fine and graphic arts, writing, photography and service in the field of healing (health sciences).

After many years as an art director and designer, she opened a small consulting company,  later moving to Napa where her future husband Stephen (another San Francisco native and expat), had lived for 10 years. She continued her volunteer work in the area of social justice, and in 2008, knowing that if we don't care for mother earth we are abandoning our home and all that sustains us, she helped a grassroots group, Napa Valley CanDo, get off the ground.

Growing up she was impacted by her parents love of the outdoors and athletics, her small-group art classes occasional weekends, and being surrounded by an emerging California-style of mid-century architecture including homes her parents built.

For the last fifteen years she has taken off from this grounding by planning some renovations and redesigning home interiors to reflect the changes in ourselves and our lives. She and her husband enjoy a close extended family, two cattle dogs, cycling, swimming, yoga and just hanging around rivers, streams, lakes and mountains. She received her skipper’s license for small boats up to 25 feet and hopes to crew here and there when possible.

Lynne March     Like the song from a 1951 musical, Lynne “… was born under a Wand’rin’ Star.”  Now in the last third of life, she has witnessed many places, faces, and changes. Born in the fair city of Oakland, her father was a dredgerman. Lynne benefited by having a stay-at-home mother, who imparted an appreciation of nature. -  Home was where her father’s jobs -  took them: California, Idaho, Oregon,  Hawaii. Integrity, thrift and honest work are values instilled by those who -  raised her. Fond memories are trips to misty Washington, grandparents, camping in “shell shacks” on the coast, and pet guinea pigs.

Lynne graduated from Petaluma High, became a vegetarian and Democrat, and met the future father of her two  -  daughters when 17. They met in the East Bay, where Lynne worked as motel maid, Woolworth’s clerk, and boutique dress shop marker. He was from Palestine, attending college in -  Tennessee. Early in their marriage she attended nursing school there.   

They returned to Oakland, the marriage ended and Lynne’s daughters were child-napped to Brazil. After a difficult period, Lynne gained custody in Brazil. She worked as a pre-school
teacher, high school disciplinarian, and then head of the American school’s computer/AV/graphics department. They lived in Sao Paulo, a city of 13 million people, extremes of poverty and affluence, and cross cultural influences. After 4-½ years, she was able to return to the USA with her daughters. Lynne had married again, becoming Lynne March. After a twenty year loving relationship, it too ended.

After working as a nurse in acute care, intensive care, physical therapy, convalescence, and correctional settings, Lynne gained a degree in Environmental Studies. She had a transportation planner career for 23 years in California and Washington at city, county, and state agencies, including Office Chief of Intermodal Intelligent Transportation Systems at Caltrans; and for the last decade facilitating transportation alternatives. She has long recognized climate protection as a global priority. She was also a Grants Manager for a time.

Lynne relishes being retired since early 2013, having the luxury of time to spend with her three grandchildren, family, friends, and good partner Frank; and for focusing on health, art, her Sebastopol garden, and reading John O’Donohue. One of these decades she’ll get her office in order and take that trip to Spain. She volunteers for habitat restoration and Heifer International. Lynne appreciates her Unity Napa Valley family; opportunities to learn, serve and grow; and Rev. Robert’s sermons and humor!