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Our DNA 2014 Update
Above are our updated Mission Statement & Core Values 
reflecting our Community's Spiritual DNA as decided in the February 28th through March 2nd 2014 election.

Our Vision Statement is currently under review.
Mission Statement:
Core Values:
Unity Napa Valley is a diverse, inclusive, spiritual community,  connecting at the heart, standing in faith, serving the community, and nourishing the soul by discovering and expressing God in our daily lives.

Peace and Joy -
Prayer and Meditation -
Love -
Spiritual Growth -
Faith - 
Absolute trust in a Divine Presence and Power greater than myself, within myself.​

An expanding awareness that God
 is everywhere present and that each one of us          is a unique expression of Spirit.

Unconditional acceptance of self and others.
Conscious awareness of God’s Presence.
Experiencing Divine wholeness.