What is a Prayer Chaplain?

Unity minister Rev. Lei Lanni Burt introduced the concept of chaplains into the Unity movement several years ago. She defines a Unity Prayer Chaplain as someone who has received training and whose intention is to be supportive of you on your spiritual journey.
What Does a Prayer Chaplain Do?

A Prayer Chaplain is someone who can pray with you.

Jesus said, “Whenever two or more are gathered in my name, there am I in the midst of them.” When two people come together in prayer a “third” presence is there, that is, the presence of the Holy Spirit or the active principle of God. This is where the consciousness of possibility exists.

A Prayer Chaplain is someone who can create and hold sacred space with you.

To hold sacred space means to embrace a consciousness of possibility. God is greater than any outward situation or condition we may experience. A Prayer Chaplain helps one to open this space through prayer.

A Prayer Chaplain is someone who can listen to you and hold what is heard in confidence. Whatever is said to a Prayer Chaplain, stays with a Prayer Chaplain.

Unity Prayer Chaplains follow the lead of Silent Unity. Our loving support to those who ask is sharing an open heart with a friend. We just pray, and that is enough to realign us with God's will of good for us. We don't solve problems, God does. We pray about solutions. We do this without even hearing about the details because the solution is always the same: the Light and Love that we all share.

You can meet with the Prayer Chaplains for individual prayer following the Sunday service and allow yourself or another to be blessed with prayer and loving kindness.

Prayer Chaplains also make hospital visits.

If you are in the hospital or know you are going to be hospitalized, a Prayer Chaplain will be happy to offer prayer support through a phone call or visit.

Prayer Chaplains make wellness calls.

All members of Unity in Napa Valley have the option of having a personal Prayer Chaplain. Your Prayer Chaplain will phone you once a month to offer prayer support. Of course, if you need prayer at other times you may contact the church office and your Prayer Chaplain will contact you.

How to Contact a Prayer Chaplain

1. Fill out a Prayer Request form and place it in the offering or in the Prayer Chest on the Information Table.

2. Meet a Prayer Chaplain in the designated prayer chaplain’s area after Sunday service. (Prayer Chaplains are identified by their distinctive white stoles.)

3. Silent Unity maintains 24 hour availability of Prayer Chaplains to serve      your     prayer     request     needs     at    1-800-Now-Pray:  (1-800-669-7729)

Chaplaincy Ministry at Unity in Napa Valley